Setting an Example

From the Forum FAQ:

In an effort to draw a line in the sand between honorable, admirable police officers and their corrupt, incompetent brethren, we will publicize, analyze, and criticize the misdeeds of the latter, and contrast their actions with the heroic deeds of the former. We will demonstrate that good police officers share more characteristics in common with good citizens than they do with bad cops. Conversely, we will show that bad cops […] have far more in common with felons, high-school dropouts, and sociopaths than they do with either good cops or good citizens. Good cops should thus feel a greater sense of duty and loyalty towards good citizens than towards bad cops.

Though we may have gotten off on the wrong foot after a comment about bacon sandwiches, Officer R. Shirk recently impressed us by demonstrating that cops CAN do their job without being power-tripping fascists. In the video below, our brother being arrested had a warrant for failure to appear, but instead of making a dramatic fuss and throwing his weight around, Officer Shirk calmly and politely explained that as much as it sucks, he had to take our brother in. Then he allowed our brother to give us his personal items for safekeeping, and say farewell for now with hugs all around.

A quick video summery of our encounters with Officer Shrik:
Setting an Example

Thank you Officer Shirk, for not being a jerk, and please keep setting a good example for your less than honorable colleagues.


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