Karmic Justice

While the main mission of the Camarillo Cop Watch is to film police encounters to keep officers in line, and to encourage the public to know and to exercise their rights, we have a side mission we like to call Operation Karmic Justice – we flip cops off and let them have what for (if you haven’t already seen our video, Cop Trolling, be sure to check it out).

But not everyone agrees with our methods. Our latest video, Officer Scaredy Pants provoked a huge response, including that of Officer J. Pitts, a pig in Missouri, who threatened to come to California and kill the Cop Watch agent who filmed Scaredy Pants. The video even has a couple of articles about it – here on DailyPaul.com and here on Pixiq.com and the initial comments were, well, colorful if not exactly supportive (or even really literate).

But as we continued to watch the public debate on whether we’re assholes or not, we were incredibly pleased and excited to see a small but growing movement of support, people who think we’re doing the right thing, that this really is karmic justice for the abuse and everyday injustices the police commit against us. And we just want to say thank you for the support and the encouragement! There are a lot of people who disagree with us, who think the system works just fine, who accuse us of propagating a circle of hate, but as long as there is someone out there protesting the abuse and subjugation by the police, we will continue to stand up against their wrath and for our rights.



  1. TripodMA

    The Officer Scaredy Pants video…truly wonderful. A work of art!!!
    When the deputy and the other cop arrived, I laughed so hard.

    Since the time my attorney told me that it’s perfectly legal to say ‘fuck you’ or to flip off a cop to express my displeasure with them, I have done so…and even before I knew it was legal. After cops in a nearby city shot and killed a mentally ill woman, when I drove through that city I would yell ‘murderers’ and flip them off.

    I support your efforts.

  2. valerie macfarland

    I think if you look at the video of the skatepark protest you will see that video has heart and a true call for justice for young people. The public can easily understand your side of things. Randomly flipping off cops just seems childish and harder to understand your motives. Just trying to be helpful keep up the good fight!

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