Douche-Bag of the Year

It’s still only summer and yet we’re already celebrating our first appointment of Douche-Bag of the Year! May we present for your ridicule Sergeant Steven Michael Capuano:


Sergeant Capuano, badge number 89, has repeatedly demonstrated time and time again that he is angry mother fucker with a major chip on his shoulder. He has threatened Cop Watch agents with arrest multiple times, yet has never even issued us a single ticket, probably because we haven’t broken any laws. He’s made verbal threats when he feels he can get away with it, and even throws hissy fits at the mere sight of the Cop Watch agents he is most familiar with.

We found some very interesting articles about Sergeant Capuano that show a pattern for bad behavior. In summer of 1990, Capuano was suspended for using excessive force by using his baton above the shoulders on a suspect (a major no-no for the bullies in blue). He tried to appeal while also facing down a civil suit for brutality, but ultimately the appeal was rejected, resulting in a loss of three days pay and retraining on the correct and proper usage of the baton.

In the spring of 1992, a series of complaints were filed against officers harassing and beating up on Latino youths. The officers named included our own dear Capuano. We particularly love this quote:

In another complaint, Ayala accused Deputy Capuano of pointing a gun at her son’s head in October, and trying to provoke him with taunts. Capuano could not be reached for comment.

Granted these articles are over 10 years old, but we all know old habits die hard. In the time since these were written, Capuano wormed his way into a promotion to Sergeant and kept his name mostly out of the papers, but we here at Cop Watch feel that it’s not because his behavior has improved, but because he has learned to be more subtle and sneaky.

But, it’s not all bad news. We actually wanted to take a moment to thank Sergeant Capuano for encouraging us to establish the Camarillo Cop Watch in the first place. What began as a bit of political amusement for us blossomed into a full-blown movement under Sergeant Capuano’s angry influence and ugly glare. The more we found out about our beloved Sergeant, the more convinced we became that Camarillo’s watchmen needed watching.

So thank you Sergeant Capuano, we know you hate us, and it’s all your fault!
Congratulations on becoming Douche-Bag of the Year!

EDIT: Check out our compilation video featuring our favorite at his finest!
Douche-Bag of the Year Montage



  1. Jimmie Rustles

    hey I heard on youtube a while ago this bitch’s address was 168 La Crescenta Dr. in Camarillo… Can you guys confirm this?

  2. Raven Masterson (@ravenmasterson)

    The HORRENDOUS abuse…when cops could get away with that since no one had cellphones to capture them doing it. Now, they can’t so easily rape, beat and murder citizens. Get live strem videos like qik to upload the video instantly if they do shit!

    Peace 🙂

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