Catching up

The website has suffered some neglect, but by no means have we abandoned the streets! If you haven’t been following along on YouTube, here’s what has been going down lately. Click the links to watch the corresponding videos.

Last month the police department hosted a wonderful propaganda event, an Open House, funded not by their $220 million dollar budget, but by the city of Camarillo. Highlights included displays of military like equipment and weaponry, a giant mailbox for depositing pharmaceuticals for disposal at an “undisclosed location”, and a fingerprinting booth to get your kids registered in the system nice and early.

Later that same day, they set up a sobriety and driver’s license checkpoint and clogged up a good section of Arneil, right in front of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.


Checkpoints are a violation of our rights as they allow officers to stop and detain people without probable cause and force them to violate their Fifth Amendment rights if they wish to leave. This is a form of extortion, and it does nothing to solve the real issue of drunk driving. Between this checkpoint, and another in Thousand Oaks, officers stopped and spoke to 1,178 drivers and only arrested two for suspicion of being under the influence. This is an incredibly inefficient, unconstitutional way of “preventing” drunk drivers.

Especially since the Camarillo police are such unsafe drivers themselves! Is it just me, or are cop cars not supposed to be upside down? One unverified report says the officer involved in this accident was responding to a call when he entered the intersection at Arneil and Los Posas against the light, but did not turn on his lights or siren until he was already in the intersection, giving the cars around him no time to react. As far as we know, the officer was not tested for alcohol or drugs, and was seen the next day driving in a new vehicle.

We may have let a little dust collect on the website, but we are still out there watching our watchman. If you have your own videos or stories to share, please contact us here on the website, through our email, or Facebook!


One comment

  1. Cop hater

    There is no justification why these police officers believe they are above the law. They will do anything just to get the arrest or ticket! I have plenty of real life interactions, and I am wiling to testify or help. They don’t serve and protect they will haras you and lie just to get a case.

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