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  1. Teargas Happiness

    Camarillo Cop Watch is obviously onto something.

    With the amount of documented sour encounters I have observed since the early ’90s, this has to be the best I’ve seen, and have been hoping for.

    OK, Mr. Scaredy Pants was a little afraid for some stupid reason, so barked a command to the camera to back off. Bad start.

    The cop was probably shrieking his idiotic siren all morning in a convenient and profitable construction zone when camera realizes that the extra scratch for the city was not only annoying, but just idiotic. Safety, my ass. Out with the camera, exactly what I would have done too.

    Camera’s use of profane language and expletive/aggressive gestures sure got the attention of the nation. Win.

    Boo hoo… Camera got some negative comments on some web pages because he flipped a cop and cursed his chickenshit arse all over the place.

    Why did Officer Scaredy Pants even call for backup? Wow, a frustrated and politically incorrect (double-win, wait for it…) prole has the balls to tell a cop that he was interfering in his own traffic stop? Well, if that don’t beat all. A victimless crime has just been manufactured. Poor threatened “officer of the law”.

    While I would have likely been more civil, I understand and stand behind the actions of this videographer. Police restraint was cited as being in the “highly tolerant” range in many comments I saw for the officer but what the hell could he do to camera. Final win, no quarter given.

    It is what it is and a fascist pig with the right brainwashing will always get bad press, especially when we can call them a gang of thugs.

    For all the bootlickers out there, go lick a boot, there’s plenty to go around.

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